It was about four summers ago when I had to get rid of this polyp I got on my intestine. Nothing major. I have a 2mm scar where my pubic hair is and an easy surgery to laser this pimple sized lump in my stomach. It was a hot and humid day and my mother helped me to get to the hospital. So the next morning was the day, everything went smoothly and I didn't feel a thing obviously with the help of anesthesia. Next thing I knew, I woke up, my mother next to me asking if I was ok. I also distinctly remember a nurse behind my mother checking things on my tubing etc. I always had a thing for nurses. I know many people too have a thing for nurses. I told my mother I was ok although I felt like shit and I went back to sl**p the anesthesia still taking effect. When I woke up next, I don't remember how long I was asl**p but it was dark and my mother had gone home. I felt like throwing up and a bucket was next to me and since I couldn't get up because of the sharp pain in my stomach region, I basically barfed over myself. I pressed the nurse call button and in 3 seconds someone came and helped me clean up. (No the one who helped was not my gf) I went back to sl**p again and when I woke up it was bright wondering how long I had been asl**p. There was a nurse in my room and I remember it was a really a bright sunny day and she looked like an angel, the sun shining on here bright white nurse uniform. "Good morning!" She says and asked, "How do you feel?" I felt like shit but couldn't talk because I lost my voice from all the tubing that was down my throat and barfing probably. Still kind of dazed, I just nodded and she smiled back. She explained the current situation I was in said for me ring the bell if I needed anything. So this was my first interaction with my milf nurse. However, she has a different story. Apparently she had been checking up on me whilst I was out cold from the previous night. Checking my wound etc. normal nurse examinations. By the evening I was feeling better except the pain in my stomach. I called the nurse to ask for some d**gs to ease the pain. The nurse came with some pills and I went back to sl**p. The next morning I woke up to the sweet voice of the milf nurse, she needed to check my bl**d pressure and other things when I noticed I hadn't pissed since the first night. I said to the beautiful nurse, "what is your name? " In a professional Japanese manner , she gave me her last name (Later found out that her name was Miwa.) "Ummmm I don't think I went to the bathroom since three days ago?" She said "well, obviously you can't get up from your bed yet” I felt my nether regions and I WAS wearing some hospital undies but it wasn't diapers. That's when I remembered the doctor saying that they are going to stick a tube down my pee hole. When I remembered this I suddenly felt pain in my dick. Even more than the pain in my stomach. If you have ever experienced this before it is really uncomfortable. It feels like how I explained, a fucken tube down my dick. I told Miwa that I had to pee and I wanted to remove the tube. She said to not worry and she understands that it is uncomfortable but I am not well enough to go to the bathroom. I said to her that I needed the fucken tube out my dick and that I am well enough to walk to the bathroom that was about 7 steps away. She said that she will consult with the doctor and left the room. After she left, I had to know what was going on down there and ... I will skip the details but it was painful and felt nasty. Few minutes later she came back to inform that I can remove the tube, With a smile on her face she says, "So… Are you ready? " I said to get that shit out! She uncovers my blanket and reaches towards my pants. I thought that the doctor was going pull it out and asked if she was going to do it. Her smile fades and says, "I'm sorry. Are you uncomfortable? I can have a male nurse do it?" her smile back on her face. A fuckin male nurse? Fuck no! Is what I said in my head but I put on a smile and said no and that I was just checking. So she starts pulling down my pants explaining that she has done this many times and that it is slightly painful but it will be quick. My pants down to my knees my dick all out. I didn't even want to see what was going on down there. She wraps her cold hands around my shaft and told me to take a deep breath and on a count to 3 she yanked the tube out! I remember I howled like wolf and needless to say it was really painful. And this was the first time Miwa touching my dick while I was awake. I later found out that while I was out cold she had to check my wee wee in a professional manner and remembers how nice my dick looked although I had a tube down my hole. Anyway, after I stopped screaming, Miwa looking at me how a concerned mother looks at her crying c***d started wiping the tip of my dick and other areas as some urine came out with the tube. Did I mention I had to have my pubes shaved? I looked down at my cleanly shaved dick, Miwa holding my dick and cleaning it as if it were some delicate historical artifact. At the time I wasn't feeling well enough to enjoy but now that I think about it, I find this really erotic and there must have been some kind of connection between Miwa and I. She helped me up and man, my stomach was aching like crazy. Walking like an old man she helped me to the restroom, not just leaving me outside the door, coming in side. Jokingly I asked her if she was going to undo my pants and help me pee. It seemed like she was willing to help but I said that I was joking and peed myself and she helped me back to bed. So a couple of days pass, my pain easing a bit day by day. Miwa would stop by my room even on days where she was not assigned to me just to say hi and how I was doing. We would chat about the movie that was on the previous night, her age, found out that she was married, etc. and got to know her pretty well. So, the day finally came my doctor informing that I was able to leave and go home. I was really happy that I was able to go home, but at the same time, I will not be able to see Miwa everyday was kind of sad. I remember that night, I was lying on my bed, erotic thoughts of Miwa and I doing some nasty things on my bed. I hadn’t released in 7 days feeling kind a horney. I had a semi boner, but the contraction of my muscle in my dick gave me pain in my stomach so I decided not to jack off although my dick asked me to release. The next morning, I woke to Miwa’s sweet voice, “Good morning.” as usual with a gorgeous smile. “I heard you can finally go home!” she says. I gave her my thanks and appreciation and that she is a wonderful nurse. I asked to borrow her pen and decided to give her my number and to call me if she would like to have a cup of coffee once I was well enough. She said thanks and folded the paper and placed it in her pocket. I didn’t ask for hers and there was an awkward silence and she left the room. Later in the afternoon, the doctor came in with a few other nurses that helped me, while I was preparing to leave, I thanked him and the others for everything. I thought that Miwa would send me off too, but she wasn’t there. I wanted to say my last good bye but she was nowhere to be found. I had to come to the hospital again two weeks later for a check up so I thought I would find her then. Two weeks passed and I went for my check up. Went to her office and asked for her but unfortunately she was off that day. I thought that I would never see her again but about 6 months later I received a phone call from Miwa.

Un bébé cyclope né avec un oeil au milieu du front

En date du 6 octobre 2015.

Un bébé né avec un oeil au milieu de son front dans un hôpital privé de la ville d’El Senbellawein, en Égypte, ne survivra possiblement pas plus de quelques jours, rapporte le Daily Mail.

Les docteurs croient que le nouveau-né souffre de cyclopie, une rare malformation génétique nommée après les géants à un oeil de la mythologie grecque, habituellement causée par des troubles génétiques ou toxines comme la cyclopamine.

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Un bébé cyclope né avec un oeil au milieu du front

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Depuis août 2012, je fouille sur le web à la recherche des cas paranormaux les plus étranges pour le site dont je suis le Rédacteur en chef. Handicapé de naissance, j'ai aussi été secrétaire-trésorier du musée de mon village pendant 6 ans et demi.

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  1. pas de narrine non plus… quand est il du crane?.. parce que sans narrine et un seul oeil, ça doit changer l’ossature du crane non? a suivre j’espere !!!

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